Basic questions related to PC and corosion resistance

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    I have a couple steel automotive suspension pieces that I plan on powder coating. I bought some hotcoat rally wheel silver powder and some eastwood fast etch for prep. After talking to a local aftermarket parts manufacturer about how well their powder coated parts hold up, they told me the they use a primer. Before powder coating my pieces, I figured this would be worth looking into. In searching for products that Eastwood sells, I came across Hotcoat Powder Corrosion Resistant Primer. I also came across GraySelf Etch Primer Aerosol. I’m wondering which of these products I should go with. My thinking is in line with the part manufacturer’s, that is, if a rock gets kicked up and puts a chip in the powder coat, the primer is underneath to continue to protect against the elements.

    Furthermore, the pieces that I’m going to powder coat were covered in a thin layer of motor oil to protect against immediate corrosion after being sand blasted. I’ve read that the key to good adhesion is in the prep work. I have an industrial parts cleaner at my disposal, but have read that brake clean & simple green work well. Do I need to do anything else between cleaning them and applying the eastwood fast etch as well as between the rest of the painting processes?

    Thanks in advance!

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