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    I recently purchased a DeKups kit but the instructions that came with the kit look like a cave painting. I bought the kit so that I wouldn’t have to use mixing cups, filters and sticks or clean my paint cup.

    Here are a couple of questions:

    1. Was I correct in thinking that I wouldn’t need mixing cups and filters with this system or was I dreaming?
    2. It came with disk and barrel filters. The DeVilbiss site says the disks are for waterborne paint. I tried to get epoxy primer paint to go through a the course barrel filter but there is no way so I poured the paint and activator into the cup with a disk filter and mixed, which worked great except I couldn’t get the last couple of ounces out of the cup because of the disk filter’s standoff.
      How do I derive the full cleanup benefit with 2-part paints where 1 part is very thick?
    3. The dick and barrel filters come in several grades and I am not sure what to use
      What filter should I be using for each type of paint, e.g.: epoxy primer, primer/surfacer, polyester primer, base coat and clear?

    Thank you

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