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    I am in the process of painting a motorcycle tank and side covers.
    1st.(a little history) I have painted before using conventional spray equipment i.e. high-pressure lacquer applications with good results. 2nd. I recently purchased the DeVILBISS Fine Line (HVLP) spray equipment from Eastwood and I am spraying basecoat/clearcoat.

    I have several questions, if someone can help me I would appreciate it. Question 1: When applying a basecoat and the finish of the basecoat is somewhat orange-peeled, due to my inexperience, can you just clear over the basecoat and color-sand it or must I or, can I color-sand the basecoat and then clear? I am painting with a DBU Black with a clearcoat.
    Question 2: With HVLP I seem to be getting a “grainy” finish. I believe my air is adequate but I’m not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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