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    Hello, My son and I are doing a frame-off resto on our 1979 F150 4wd (this will be his first vehicle). We are working on the cab, bed and front end now. I would like to get approval on my plan of action from the more knowledgeable people in this forum. We will be media blasting the bed and the front body parts (hood, fenders, core support) – the cab I will have dipped. Since this will be done in small to medium sections at a time until final primer and paint – I want to protect what we work on as we go along so we do not get finished and then have to go back and do it over. Below is what I am planning on doing.

    1 – once area is cleaned to bare metal.
    2 – wipe down with Pre
    3 – clean steel will get a coat of Eastwood self etching primer (any areas with rust pitting will get a coat of Rust Encapsulator instead of self etching primer)
    4 – I will then coat the truck with Eastwood epoxy primer – (2-coats)
    5 – Apply all sealers (firewall, inside cab, drip rails………..)
    6 – I will do all of my body work and if needed – use Z-Grip for any filler work.
    7 – Coat with Eastwood 2K Urethane primer – gray (2 coats)
    8 – sand
    9 – wipe down and clean for paint
    10 – auto-air white base coat (2-3 coats)
    11 – auto air candy red pearl (4 coats)
    12 – wet sand clean up to 800 grit (???Do I need to do any buffing at this step????)
    13 – wipe down and clean
    14 – Eastwood European Clear (2-3 coats)
    15 – buff and finish polish

    Under the cab and bed. Rust encapsulator – spray undercoating (Eastwood rubberized undercoating) – top coat with extreme chassis black (flat)

    Also – on the frame – we had it dipped and when it came back we sprayed it with rust encaspulator – I am going to finish coat it with Extreme Chassis Black high gloss – am I okay to use the Chassis black primer over the encapsulator and then finish coat. I just figured that would give it more protection.

    I would greatly appreciate any advice or changes that anybody has. I am not going for show quality, but I would like this truck to be something that he can keep and hand down to his kids.

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