bad o/g or something else?

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    Alright, I give up. I did a set of heads and cylinders, actually two sets for the same customer for two different baggers of the same year, 09’s I think.

    Done in gloss black, wiped the fins, then they were sent to in Henderson NV. They looked outfarkingstanding when they came back.

    The problem is only the front head started blistering very badly, like outgassing bubbles. Lots of tiny bubbles all over, real close together and 99% of them did not pop like little volcanoes (typical of o/g’ing). But NONE of this started until the head was installed, the bike was dyno tuned and being run during the breakin.

    I can’t for the life of me figure out what caused this, and why it only happened on the front head (not the front cylinder too). My first thought was the front cylinder was running hot, but customer swears it’s not. And I hit it all over with my IR gun – no major temp fluctuations:confused:

    Anyone have a clue?

    Next problem – *if* I can determine what caused this and correct that part, how in the fark do I keep powder off diamond cut fins when I redo it? I wonder if something like silly-putty would lift all the powder off the fins and still get in between all the diamond cuts?

    This is going to be a nightmare:eek:

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