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    I’m new to the forum and need some advise from you and other painters out their. In the day, 80’s and early 90’s- I was a hobbiest, perhaps one step above. I started out with a Sharpe 75 and as a got a little better, laid out a few extra dollars on a Binks No.7. At that point I thought I could paint and actually was pretty good. I truly felt the gun had a lot to due with it. When kids came along, the spray gun sat on the shelf. Twelve years later, the old Siphon guns are dried out and gaskets no longer available. So that leaves me with the new HVLP products, and boy what a selection that’s out there. I’d like to purchase a good overall gun and need advise on what to buy. I enjoyed spraying bc/cc application, in the day. Will probably do the same now. Looking at the evolution and concours, which one Is the better of the two? Or should I say what feels and works the best and why?
    I also thought about just spending the money and buying an Iwata LPH 400′, I think they’re German? Or since I had excellent success with the Binks in the day- maybe that Binks M1-G.
    I currently have 4- vehicles to paint, one being a 56’Chevy, 30 model-A, 89- Camaro and a 81-chevy pick up, with others waiting. I’ll pick up more as I go along, and want a good gun that will last. Any thoughts of the direction I should take. Thanks for all the advise.
    Thanks, Bill

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