Auto restoration, medai blasting, rust remover, primer/paint question?

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    I just joined and I have a few newbie quesitons, thanks.

    Media Blasting
    I am about to purchase Eastwood’s 100lb media blaster so I can blast off rust,paint from my engine and bay before I paint them. I been reading 80 grit should be good. I have surface rust only so if I use: Soda Blast Media-Maintenance M-50lb Bag it should remove my paint and surface rust from engine, bay, and the whole car itself, right? I want to try to avoid buying multiple types of media unless I have to. Will Eastwoods 100lb blast soda as well?

    Rust Prevention:

    After I blast the surface rust from engine bay and car, what would be a good rust prevention to spray? I read self etching primer is good for bare metal but I don’t plan on getting the car down to the bare metal, maybe on some spots but not the whole thing. Also, a filler primer should probably be used on the engine bay since it will probably have imperfections, right?


    I want to paint the car black so what would be a good decent paint and clear coat that wont break the bank? This is my first time painting so thanks for your advice! How is the Slick Sand Gallon for the engine bay and whole car?

    Sorry for the multiple question post but they all kind of go hand in hand. Thanks in advanced!

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