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    G’day! First post, so go easy on me.

    We have a need to put custom hand-painted artwork onto aluminum boxes. We’ve been using automotive laquer with good results, but would like to move to powder coat for the durability.

    I haven’t done much hands-on PC, but have done a LOT of research and can’t find too many folks who are doing anything like that, and those who are aren’t talking about how they are getting results! Intellectual property I guess.

    Would this work:
    1) Shoot base coat, flow and part cure.
    2) Mix powders (colors) for hand painting into colored emulsions – using … alcohol(?) as a carrier.
    3) Brush artwork onto base coat using emulsions.
    4) Allow emulsion carrier to evaporate leaving powder.
    5) Flow artwork and part cure.
    6) Shoot clear top coat.
    7) Final full cure.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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