Anyone use Neptune/Redline 2.0 Powder Coat Coating Gun Kit?

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    Hi! this is my first post. I have been lurking here for a while trying to “get smarter” 😉 First of all let me say you guys are GREAT! And thanks to Eastwood for this forum! I’m 31 and disabled due to bad back trouble. I have 3 kids & a fat little woman to feed(man I hope she never reads this!). I have been interested in powder coating for some time now to use on a personal level and maybe even make a few bucks…It would be nice to actually make some dang money on my own! I will have LOTs of questions in the future. Right now I have one about my kit I bought. Its from Pendry powder coatings. I bought it before I really read a lot about the different kits & that’s why I’m concerned. I have yet to try my gun because I’m still in need of a compressor…I want/need a blaster bad too! To go along with my kit I do have about 8 pounds of various powders, homemade spray booth, and a oven hooked up in my garage already though. So does anyone else have this gun/kit? Is it a ok setup? This is what sold me on the gun and I’m still not even sure what it all means! Ha :rolleyes: THANKS GUYS!!!!

    “This is a great machine for those wanting to be able to spray all types and
    brands of powder coatings . With a 25+ KV, it has the highest voltage out there and it’s set up for top coating and custom work .”


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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