Anyone see the value in a Powder Coating Tech Center host by Streetwerkz?

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    This is something I have wanted to do for a while & if there is interest now is the time.

    Those of you that know my werk from the forums are aware of the results we get on powder coated parts.
    While we don’t claim to know it all, we have learned a few things over the past seven & a half years & think sharing our techniques would be of great benefit to anyone.

    For a Streetwerkz training coarse to be successful in my eyes a few goals & ground rules would be in place..
    a few would be, but not limited to

    Full disclosure of how & why we do things
    Full focus on powder coating topics such as powder application, trouble shooting, marketing, managing, growing, practical day to day practices
    a comprehensive reference book that covers above topics that you can take home
    We will not be selling any products, 100% focus from your instructors on helping you become a better powder coater/powder coat business
    How to make the contacts that gets your werk noticed by magazines, t.v. shows etc.
    job costing for profitability
    and more

    we will offer a powder coating 101 & advanced powder coating coarse.

    101 class will help attendees get a firm grasp on how to powder coat properly, business basics, shop set up, production jobs etc
    Advanced will be how to do graphics in powder, multiple layers effects, basic metal repair, show quality powder coating, powder coat fender, tanks, cars, etc

    Our main goal is to help pass along the knowledge we have gained & promote good coating practices that can help others.

    So now that you have the basic info, for me to prove the viability of this project my question is..

    How many of you would consider attending a custom powder coating school opened by Streetwerkz within the first 12 months?


    Joshua Robinson
    Streetwerkz Custom Powder Coating

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