Anyone restoring GB stuff wanna ‘UK partner’?

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    Hi all
    Im in the UK and have a 1986 Chrysler 5th Avenue.(not exactly a classic i know but very unusual where i am!) I was wondering if there was anyone in the states who was restoring a UK car who wanted someone over here for sending parts etc without having to pay the extortionate postage prices charged by some companies. In return I would like someone over there who would do the same for me. for example I need new headliner material which try as i might, i cant source in this country but have heard that over there you can buy from any ‘auto material shop’ (we have nothing like that that i can find)
    I have 15 years exp in the motor body repair trade and am now in the plastics industry.
    I dont mind mind the odd trip down the breakers yard either if theres any secondhand bits you want.


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