Anyone have tips for powder coating GM’s plasitc LSx manifolds…LS1/LS2/LS7?

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    I wish to play around with powder coating on various platic parts but have only seen posts for center caps on wheels.

    I’m new to the hobby but have done a few pieces.

    I know you have to bake parts for outgassing but Im not sure of the temps used on such plastic/nylon parts like GMs intake manifolds due to temperature limits on this specific intake manifold. How long and at what temps do you bake it at without melting it?

    What curing temps do you use?

    Does eastwood have powders such as mirrow yellow that will work? I’ve seen pics of them done but dont know if there are lower temp powders for the purpose or if the intake needs a lower temp for a longer time with a 375 or 400 degree curing powder.

    Any tips are appreciated.

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