anyone ever pc’ed over porcelain

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    i have 2 old gas pump side panels for the neighbor to pc white. i did the first one last night and it seems to be ok. my question is will it hold up. i couldnt blast the porcelain off since it would have taken weeks. i sanded it with 120 grit and didnt even phase it. so i preheated it and shot first coat. then flowed out good and shot second coat. then after full cure i hot shot a heavy gloss clear coat and it looks good but will it hold since i really didnt etch the porcelain that well. i am not to worried as the neighbor wanted a ” fast and cheap” job, since it is for sell cheap(relatively speaking). also i have a few spots on it that are red to rust color. looks like bleed thru but the base is gray. could this be color contamination or ?

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