Anyone else using EastWood powder dissolver? Need help removing powder on big parts.

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    Hi guys,

    I just recently ordered the EW powder dissolver and dam it works pretty good.I just stuck a small part that fit in the bottle opening since im impatient.I pulled it out 20mins later and it was down to bare metal.
    Now here is the more interesting part.I read in the description to get an aquarium pump to disperse solution on bigger parts inside a kiddie pool.I went out and got a 55 gallon HDPE barrel with lid instead of the small pool.That way the solution wouldn’t be out in the open,then I would also have a fun time putting it up for reuse.
    Anyways I have 2 gallons of the solution with a big pump I found at walmart.Its just not working out as I thought it would on these bigger pieces.Anything you can fully submerge completely your in business.Im gonna look for into possibly attaching a shower head to spray a smooth pattern over the pieces.The description does say the part has to stay wet to dissolve the finish.

    What are you guys using to strip bigger parts like wheels,etc? I have a good blast cabinet but aluminum oxide doesn’t phase powdercoat for the most part.Aircraft stripper sometimes works but not all the time.

    Right now I have an idea for a wheel only blaster.I was thinking of getting another 55 gallon plastic drum to set wheels in.Then using my portable media blaster to shoot inside and be able to reuse the media collecting at the bottom.This with modding the drum lid so you can stick your hand in there with the nozzle.

    Ok i’ll stop ranting now. :p Any help on how I can strip these bigger pieces will be really appreciated,thanks.


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