Anyone done more than two coats? weird problem..

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    This weekend, I was doing a lantern with a silver vein base and a candy red topcoat. Ok, I’ve done this many times, no problems…
    Well I got the silver vein done but had to fix some places on the lantern that had solder in them (it melted), so after fixing that, i put another coat of silver vein on to cover up the repaired areas. That coat went on, no problem, I cured it for 15 min pulled it from the oven and proceded with the candy red, that’s when things went weird. As I was shooting the powder toward the lantern, you could actually see the powder repelling away from the surface, it literally looked like there was an invisible bubble around the lantern and the powder was going around it. I’ve been powdercoating for quite a few years and have NEVER seen anything like it. I finally just kept pouring the powder to it and finally got enough on it to get it done, I wasted ALOT of powder though. Anyone else experience this??

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