Anybody ever used diamond paste?

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    I realize that for the majority of parts a #7 finish will suffice, but I’ve been researching the use of diamond paste here recently and it seems to be the way to achieve a #8 finish. (Whether it be a normal #8 or an Asian #8 remains to be seen.) Anybody ever used it? Did it remove any traces of buffing marks? (Those tiny little scratches commonly referred to as “spider webbing” that can be seen when the part is tilted at certain angles?) I’ve played around with India ink but the stuff’s just way too messy and temperamental to bother with doing it by hand.

    Also, what type of material did you use to apply it with? I’ve heard that high quality tissue paper dampened with denatured alchohol will work but I’m not sure about which brand would be the best to go with. Thanks in advance for any and all feedback.

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