Any tips on prepping cast aluminum for anodizing

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    How did Remington anodize their receivers at the factory? I’m restoring a fieldmaster 22 and have sent the receiver to an anodizer. The first attempt bought out terrible looking surface imperfections on the sides. The top looked great. The sides however looked as though the acid ate into the metal causing erosive layering. The anodizer who claims to be a firearms expert has agreed to a redo and has re-stripped and polished the receiver to a mirror finish. He says he thinks it is STILL not going to anodize properly. I feel he’s missing something because Remington was able to anodize receivers at the factory. So why can’t it be duplicated after market? My feeling is that maybe the receiver sides should be block sanded to a much lower grit such as 320 or 400. Possibly the buffing process digs into the metal deeper at various points thus causing the acid to etch unevenly.

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