Any special considerations to PC polished aluminum?

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    I am considering clear powdercoating the polished aluminum bits on the 1950 Vincent MC we are restoring…. are there any special considerations?

    I recently learned from my chrome plater that polishing with bar type/wax abrasives leave residues in the aluminum that needs to be taken care of before chroming….? does this make sense?

    well I guess thatis technically a chroming question…

    I am guessing that pre-heating/outgassing should take care of any wax residue in the aluminum…sound Right?

    Also does I would appreiate any feedback on clear powders…
    I saw that EW reccomends the lo temp clear when using reflective chrome powder. any reasons to use the other hi temp clears in other applications or will the lo temp fit the bill in all applications?

    Just one more… if I were to place PC’d chrome pieces on a real chrome piece, for example a PC’d chrome brake lever perch placed on a real chrome handlebar… I am assuming the side by side comparison will show a difference.
    I also am assuming the difference would be less noticeable if I use the reflective chrome/clear PC as opposed to the single stage chrome…
    any feedback/opinions are greatly appreciated


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