Any one up for a riddle?

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    3 guys are on thier way home from a hunting trip and a snow storm makes them decide to stop for the night in some little one horse town. They find a hotel and go inside. They as the young man at the counter how much for a room for the night. His reply is “I am just the bell hop, but I believe the only room we have left is $30.” Each man hands him a 10 and they go upstairs. The manager returns and the bell hop tells him he filled the last room for $30 and is all proud of himself. The manager says “that’s great, but the room is only $25 so he pulls 5 ones out of the register and askes the bell hop to return the change. One his way up stairs he thinks to himself these guys were happy to get a room at all and there are 3 of them and 5 ones that wont come out even so I’ll just slip 2 bucks in my pocket. He gets to the room and gives each man a dollar back. O.K. here we go each man got a dollar back so each one paid $9 twords the room 9 times 3 is 27 and the bell hop has $2 in his pocket where did the other dollar go?

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