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    Hello all. I have the Eastwood powder coat kit and I am using all eastwood powder as well. The powder is kept dry and in the bottles, so theres no contamination. I am having an issue with the final product. I can see dark spots and in some places, or even sometimes the entire product will chip away if even nicked with a screw driver… This isn’t with everything, only certain things, for instance, I did a set of nerf bars for my ATV and the entire thing will chip away if you just lightly take a penny across it. They are aluminum, does that matter? I sandblasted them before I applied powder, then washed them with soapy water. Followed by Starlight Blue Metallic and then baked at 350.

    Should I do more prep work, as in maybe a base coat of primer, like say the kind you can get in a can at auto parts stores? Or would that hinder the powders ability to bake in to the metal?

    I am not laying in on quite as thick as in the Eastwood video (powder coating an atv frame where he is blowing powder on the swingarm) but I am laying it on evenly. Should I lay it on that thick?

    Thank you for any help or advice,

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