Anti-rust and rubber

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    I have a number of cars that go up to 30 years old, all in good shape. However, most are parked outside, we get salt, etc.

    Ive been researching Krown Rust Control, and have been considering taking a few trips up to Canada with the vehicles which see water/salt to get that applied, as Ive heard Krown is the best.

    However I may do that, or DIY, or some of both depending upon application. My research though shows that rubber parts are a concern. I know there are folks on here that have used the anti-rust for a long time. Any comments on its effect on rubber parts? Seals? gaskets? Suspension rubber items? What about rubber undercoating? I have a few older MB cars that have a very thick undercoating covering their underside metal, from the factory. Very tough stuff. Would the anti-rust soften stuff like this (I know that using solvents like acetone and xylene will soften it up a bit, and take the black coloring off, making it white) or cause the color coat to run?


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