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    Hey guys, new to this forum and PC. Ive been searching through this forum looking for some advice on how to tackle the project of PC my (6) 15″ beadlocked rims. Most of my questions have been answered through searching but i wanna make sure 100% before i even think about starting. I plan on practicing on a few smaller pieces to get the hang of it before even attempting rims. From what i know these are cast aluminum that has been machined and then clear coated with paint.

    1. Separate tires and wheels/ separate beadlock ring
    2. Clean rims with simple green and hot water
    3. Outgas @ 50* above curing temp for an hour/ let cool
    4. Media blast
    5. Clean with acetone or denatured alcohol until completely clean
    6. Mask wheel mounting surface and beadlock machined surface/ plug beadlock threads
    7. Coat
    8. Cure

    Is this the correct process?
    Ok, here are some of my unanswered questions. (1) I do not have a sandblaster but i was thinking about welding one together(pressure pot). I’m not sure i have a compressor that can handle that(and or take forever to blast 6 rims). Would i be better off doing it myself or paying someone? I will post the specs when i get home and look at the compressor (i think its 35 gallons)..(2) What type of media should i be blasting with on aluminum? (3) How many coats should be done ? I’m planning on using semi gloss black on the rim and bright red on the beadlock ring. (4) Do i need to remove the clearcoat before outgassing ? If anyone can throw some advice my way, id appreciate it , thanks for reading.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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