Another screwed up paint job

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    Had a guy paint my car. I’d bought the single stage chop top silver but the guy wasn’t comfortable with shooting the urethane enamel and had some R-M silver laquer that he said he’d shoot instead. I agreed and the car was shot with the lacquer and then topped with PPG lacquer clear. Without getting to far into the story it didn’t come out very good so he opted to shoot over the lacquer with the Eastwood enamel. Time inbetween coats was about 2 days. Well, he had another body and paint guy shoot the enamel and that doesn’t look so great either. Its splotchy (he described as tiger strips) and has black spots in it where he buffed it.
    My question is, where do I go from here. Do I sand off all the paint and start from scratch? If so, how long before the paint is dry enough to strip? Can I wait a month and shoot over the enamel? Can the enamel be roughed and shot over sooner? I’m not a paint guy which is why I had paint guys do the job in a effort to keep costs down on a car that will be sold when its finished. I’m not to far off of giving the car to Maaco and letting them screw it up more but at least having a recourse if they do. Please, I need some educated answers or suggestions.

    Also, I was told that a wool pad should not be unsed on the urethane enamels but use a foam pad. Fact or fiction?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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