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    Well the past couple of days I have been searching this wonderful forum for info on building an oven. I have decided to build one 3’x3’x6′ and had a few questions about the construction and materials. First I have been looking at this site for insulation and I think I have narrowed it down to a couple different types. Please let me know what kind would be best,
    1. Foil faced fiberglass sheets (temp range up to 450F)
    2. Millboard (temp range up to 1382F)
    3. Mineral wool sheets (temp range up to 1200F)

    Also if anyone has any good detailed photos of their homemade oven could you please post them? And what gauge of steel should I use for the construction? I Have heard something around 18-20 gauge.

    And on a side note for Bob (owner of Cape Cod Powder coating) I called your buisness and left a message for you, hope that it is okay to do that i saw in one of the old threads that you told someone to go on your site and get your number to call you.

    Thanks to all of you for any help.

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