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    larry hrding

    i am restoring a 47 indian cheif m/c. and wanted to powdercoat the frame etc. i called a couple of professional coaters, and was quoted around$200 for just the frame if i did my own sandblasting. there are about 25 or so small parts besides the frame, so i ordered an eastwood hobby powdercoat system. i just got started this weekend and am really pleased with the results.
    my first question is this.. #1 on the small parts there is a lot of overspray and waste as can be expected. is there any reason not to put a clean peice of material under neath as i coat and reuse the wasted powder? #2 i am using an old 30″ range for curing but it is not large enough for the fork girder or the frame, ;any body got any ideas on how to cure them short of buying or building a big oven.(i am on a hobby budget). the heat lamp doesn’t seem like that great of an idea and are expensive. #3 i know some guys are building your own ovens, and i may end up doing that. i am a home appliance tech by trade so the electrical part would be no about some ideas on the cabinet construction. i want big enough to do m/c frames, i am thinking maybe 3′ x3′ x 6′.

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