another door skin question about the curve

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    I welded in a 3 inch tall by 25 inch wide oiece of 20 guage metal at the bottom of my door. It is obvious now that the original metal must have had a slight roll off in it toward the nottom of the door. I welded a flat piece in and have a crown at the weld. It appears to be about a 1/4″ higher measuring from the bottom of the door to the weld. Obiously I dont want to fix it with filler.
    My question is what do I do to flatten it. Cut it at the weld and hammer it in and reweld, bump it down with a hammer and fill it in with filler or start over? I can’t get to the back as it is the outer skin of the door.

    Suggestions? I have 3 more doors to go.


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