Another Clear Coat Question???

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    i’m painting my gas tank and i’m using a base coat / clear coat.

    i’ve laid down my base coat of silver metalic and i put almost 3 coats of clear. my problem is after applying the clear of 2 coats i thought i still had enough to do my tank one more coat. well i only got about 2/3rds of a coat before the gun went empty and spit out the last bit of clear. so now i have some rough area on one side. the base and most of the clear are just fine but i need to wet sand the rough area before i can move on.

    so my question is, do i leave the sanded finish alone when i’m done or do i need to polish or buff it out before i lay the color coat of kandy. also, when i applying the final 2 or 3 clear coats do i sand between these coats B4 laying that final clear coat??

    thks much

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