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    Hey guys I been reading and searching around on the forum. Im trying to decide on a compressor. Im just getting started with PC but Im planning on ordering a Teds Oven and a TP tools blast booth along with the Hypersmooth HS-02. Does that all sound like good stuff or any other recommendations?

    I know the ovens cost a ton. I dont feel like making one but wish I could find one cheaper

    But for air compressors Im stuck between these 2


    Its $1199 at TP Tools and the 90PSI rating is 16.8 when I called them.

    Or this eaton:

    Or this eaton:

    I dont really feel like spending almost $1500 for the bigger tank model.

    Now my fear is cycling of the compressor. Yes, the eaton has more CFM. But I used this calculator from quincy and tried to see how much run time and how many cycles it does in a hour. The booths from TP are rated at 10-15. Quite a range so I tried both ends. Seems like the Eaton is gonna turn on and off alot compared to the quincy, which would also but the quincy is more towards the 15cfm rating so it might run continously. It is rated for 100% duty with a 5 year warranty.

    Just wondering which is a better machine. I could always add another tank I guess to the eaton.

    Here is the calc:

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