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    Hello from Norway!
    Im new to powder coating and im new to this forum too. This is my first post.
    Im glad i found this awesome site! I have been interested in powder coating for a long time but I have never tried it. Now its the time to try it!

    I have a few questions to ask before I place my order at Eastwood.

    Im thinking about buying the dual voltage powder coat gun. With this im going to powder coat motocross hubs in the colors: Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green.

    My questions is:
    How do I get the best “anodized” look out of a hub?. I have been reading a bit and it seems people get the best result when they polish/chrome the part first then applies the “anodized coloured” powder as a second layer.
    If this is the best method to use, I need to ask what kind of chrome I need to buy for the shiniest look. This needs to be chrome that EW sells cause im going to order everything from them.

    Heres some pictures of what im looking for:

    Let me know
    Have a nice day 🙂

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