ambiant temperature problem for rust prevention treatment

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    Good morning to all members !

    I am presently proceeding to some winter works on my Triumph TR6.

    replacing the suspension bushes, I take the opportunity to fight the surface rust in this area.

    The movable parts such as arms, anti roll bar, etc will be power painted by a professional shop. Concerning the chassis itself, my plan was to
    – clean the metal, removing the loose rust (actually, there is no deep rusting at all), sand to remove paint where needed.
    – then apply rust converter (#12556ZP and #12558ZP) to the rusted areas
    – apply rust encapsulator (#16065ZP) to these surface and to the bare metal
    – apply extreme chassis primer (#11194ZP)
    – finally apply chassis black (#10043ZP)

    now my questions :

    – I have purchased all the products to Moss a UK vendor. It seems that some are not in your catalogue any more. is there any reason to not use it ?
    – is the above procedure correct ?
    – the place where the car is has an ambient temperature of 10°C (50°F). Using a portable heater, I can raise it to about 20°C (68°F). however, in some places, the temperature will be less than that, but only for bare metal areas. Any advise is welcome to avoid problem.

    Thank You.



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