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    Need a couple of questions answered I know someone will know the answers.
    1) What is the story on low-temp powders
    2) I have watched some vids on p coating I know that you have to put a good ground on the item or the piece that is holding the item to be ground. It looks like people just take the part holding the coated item and just put it into the oven along with the coated item, Wouldn’t you have to keep cleaning off the baked on coating off of the piece that holds the item to be coated to make sure it gets a good ground? (confused we are)
    3) Is it possible to get to much powder on one spot and not enough on another spot?
    4) How do I know what parts need de-gassed?
    5) Does the book that Eastwood sell go over things like this? I’m not dumb I just don’t want to waste my time by trial and error.

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