Aluminum wheel paint flaking

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    Jim Merriman

    The paint one my late model car, but out of warranty 😡 , aluminum wheels is flaking off the wheels. It’s flaking off in large chunks leaving the cast aluminum wheel surface exposed. It appears that the OEM primer was not a self-etching type. I’m considering doing this job myself after researching the web and seeing prices in the $200 per wheel ballpark, $800 for the set! Yikes! I have seen the Eastwood self etching silver primer and pre-paint prep products, but what other products should I get to strip the remaining paint off the wheels and also where on the website can I find a selection of Eastwood paints and colors (I’d like to paint them with either a polished chrome or metal flake silver), polishers, etc and clearcoats that would be right for this application. Will the paint stand up to the scrapping of the tire installation machine? Or should the paint be baked on for best results? Is there a guide as to how far each can of product will go? In other words, how many wheels, for how many coats etc. Should the paints be bought in the same lot to ensure color consistency? Lastly, as a DIY project, any idea what the ballpark budget should be to do the 4 wheels myself?
    Thank you – Jim

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