Aluminum spool gun on mig 135?

Posted: September 22, 2011 By: clay

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    HI, I’m new to the forum.
    I recently bought the Eastwood mig 135 this last spring and it’s been very fun & handy in my shop. Especially as a beginning welder I’ve been very happy with the results using the argon/co2 mix for welding steel.
    I was at Home Depot yesterday looking around in the welding section and I couldn’t help but notice that the lincoln 140 is spool gun ready for aluminum welding. I could and would really like use this feature. I don’t see any data about this regarding the my Eastwood welder that claims equal performance to the Lincoln mig 140.
    Can I use this machine to weld aluminum? has anyone used the Eastwood mig135 or the Lincoln mig140 for this? It’s obvious the 170 does because it comes with the spool gun. I dont have 220 here. So it’s not an option for me. Buying a spool gun for it may be.
    Please advise and thanks for any help.

    regards, Clay McCallum

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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