Aluminum or Steel Wheel Customization/Refinishing: 2 tone, Paint or Powdercoating?

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    Hello there,
    Am wanting to customize factory aluminum whels, 2 tone (well, Black and Polished Aluminum) Black inserts and Clear coat, I have done the paint processs, it is most likely easier than powdwecoating, but I want it to last like the factory coating does, also I understand it is hard to get clearcoat paint to stick to polished aluminum. Also, from reading other posts and FAQ’s, Two stage Powdwecoating can be a trick.
    My question is: To get the look I am wanting, polished aluminum wheels with Black inserts, clearcoated afterwards, do I go the Paint process or would the Eastwood Hotcoat System?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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