Aluma Blast procedure

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    I recently used the Aluma Blast product to finish my C-6 tranny and transfercase in my F250 project truck, but shortly after the applying the paint (maybe a couple of weeks) it all started to flake and get like powdery. Before applying the Aluma Blast the tranny and t-case were both totally stipped down and then bead blasted to clean up, once they were re-assembled the Aluma Blast was applied.

    Could my problem be stemming from the bead blasting removing the natural coating of oxidation and then the aluminum oxidizing under the aluma blast? Or was their maybe a problem with the application, we just kinda sprayed it on like spray paint, a fairly light coat. Would I be able to lightly clean it up to remove the flakey parts and then maybe seal it with a clear coat like Satin Clear or something? Just curious as to what the experts have to say, Thanks for your time. and if you want to check out any pics of the truck you can find some at Car Domain Page

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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