Alu oxidation under clear powder coat. What happened ?

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    I ve powdercoated clear some alu parts I had polished.
    I ve used a 100 $ Eastwood gun and Gloss Clear Eastwood powder.

    After polishing the parts, I have used Autosol (same as Mirror in Europe) to have a quite perfect appearance, then washed with lacquer thinner, Simple Green and Acetone.
    The first parts I powder coated had really too much powder. So it s thick. Much more than necessary.
    So it s supposed to be air proof.

    Since, the parts have been stored on a shelve inside. It s been about 2 years.

    And ALL the alu parts seems to have oxidation under the coat. Funny when you can imagine how many hours I spend polishing …
    See the pix as sample. The parts I have are not all made of the same alloy.

    What did I do wrong ? The Autosol ?



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