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    Thought I had it made when I “borrowed” a 60gal compressor from the father in law. Turns out that my pressure pot blaster with a 1/8 nozzle (15cfm) can ‘outrun’ the 60 gal unit & a 5hp gas coupled together to 120 gal tank. So I went and did some online shopping.

    Thought about getting a bigger pump for the gas unit…but…the motor is on its last leg burns 1/2qt of oil or better per tank of gas.
    Having moved too many times to count in the last 10 years I’m really not too keen on buying a 60 or 80 gal unit for myself. Mainly due to the fact I’ve learned all too well that if I cant lift or move it by myself finding help is a giant PITA and usually yields less than “helpful” canidates.

    So I have been looking at 17 or 30 gal portables. Which are mostly gas powered, a minor nusiance factor seeing how it has to be drug outside to be used.

    So here are some of the places I’ve been looking..

    Eaton Compressor, seems like a logical choice. shipping really drives the units cost up. They do offer a 17 gal elec no exact specs are listed and getting thru to this Matt guy seems impossible.

    I found a nice 100 CFM @105 rotary screw unit used under 200hrs. Double my $$ budget.

    Dewalt 17 gal 16.2 CFM @ 100 gas portable. Honda motor and $10 shipping

    Grizzly has a Porter Cable 80gal 26 CFM @ 100 Its 2 stage and right at the limit of my $ budget. However they are claiming on their website shipping is only $89

    There are a few similar samples over at TPtools all 60 or 80’s though. They claim shipping is only $150

    Maybe I just need to get a kick butt dolly and bite the 80 gal bullet.


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