Air Compressor Problem?

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    I spent the last three day’s running GAL- pipes off my compressor which is 1/2 inch. It was costly as well! Started back on my car project today grinding welds off and running air to keep it cool which after a while I noticed water spray coming from the hose. My set up goes like this- high pressure hose off the compressor going into the pipe going up the wall running 12ft along the wall and then a 8 inch riser with my 1st drop with filer-reg.. Same thing again with the 2nd riser at 17ft and my 2nd drop with filter-reg. I might have the answer to my own problem but asking for some advise? I do not have a REG coming off the compressor which means I have full uncontrolled air until it gets to the reg coming off my drops. Should I have a reg coming off the compressor? I’m thinking with the high air PSI it’s blowing thru the filter- reg which I have set at 90PSI. Thanks Bill
    The other question is about the direction of the slope when running your line? I ran mine away from my compressor between eight write up’s I’ve read it’s about 50/50- some say toward compressor while others say slope away from compressor?

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