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    so pretty much like the title says will the after bast have the same adhesion characteristics if applied on scuffed paint/primer. i know it says dont use on paint but the surfaces i had soda blasted did not fully strip to bare metal. i figured if i was having trouble removing the original paint/ primer then it still had a good bite on the metal and scuffed it with a 320 grit sand paper afterwards. the wheel tubs i installed were the largest surface of bare metal but had some galvanizing compound overspray on areas. so long story short, i applied the after blast to the entire floor of the truck bed and the entire underside of the bed over the paint/primer and galvanising overspray.

    as for the top coat. on the underside of the bed i will be using the ceramic 2k satin chassis black with primer and in the bed i will be applying UPOL raptor liner with their acid etch primer.

    is there anything i should do differently or re-address or can i proceed to primer and paint with no worries????

    ed k.

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