advice needed for fixing a line of paintwork

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    I have saved this car from ending p in the scrap yard, there are a few issues, one was fuel pump, now fixed, i am on with the steering pump, but there is some paint work that is an issue for me, Its a like of clear coat that if flaking off, under some chrome trim, the picture shows the damage, this is along 2/3 of one side of the car, i thought is i very gently scrape the flaking area away with a razor blade, then gently flatten the edges of the peeled clear coat with may be 2500 grit, and then reclear coat it, that may sort it, i dont want to spend lots on this repair ans the car is 14 years old, it is a Rover 75, 2.0L V6.
    any advice would be great thanks, i am reasonable at painting in my own estimation

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