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    I bought some new polished alloy rims (ION’s) about 8 months ago. Well on one of my wheels I have what looks like light rust and it is a little rough. I think what happened was, I needed break pads and some of the metal dust from the old pads reacted to that one wheel. Now my question is how can I get it back to looking new and looking good. The other 3 have a weathered i guess that would be an oxidized look to them. I think buffing them might get them looking new. But then again Im new to the whole polishing fun. If you could point me in the right direction to get started. On the bad rim and and the other 3. Also after the process of buffing and polishing is there a seal or a coat of some sort to put on them? Any help would be great. Thanks

    Here is a link to the exact rim I have:

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