Advice for Cleaning Up/Coating the Underside of Jeep CJ

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    I have a 1985 CJ-7 that has spent its life in the southwest, however it was in a town that is at 7,400 feet and did used to get good amounts of snow.

    Anyhow, the Jeep is actually in very good condition, and if you look at the tub from the inside, it is nearly showroom fresh. However, on the underside, particularly outboard of the frame rails, it has the typical surface rust that I want to clean up. Now on to my comments/questions:

    1) I would like to clean the floorboards mechanically, like with wire brush, discs, whatever. I’m guessing that will give me a mixed set of results….areas with clean bare metal, areas with remaining surface rust, and everything in between. OR….should I just hose off the dirt and get to coating? Also…..what would you recommend to clean up the surface rust?

    2) What is the next step? I was thinking hitting it with the Pre product first to clean it, then hitting it with the rubberized undercoating with rust encapsulator.

    3) Should I mix products due to the possibility of having clean metal AND metal with surface rust…..such as chassis black on the clean metal, rust encapsulator on the rusty parts?

    4) If the rubberized encapsulator is ok, should I prime first with another product, or can it go directly down?

    Any other advice would be great! Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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