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    While discussing this issue with other members on other forums, we have decided to share some of the info here also. The subject being “how do we generate business?” Harleydad has posted a list of business’s that could benefit from our service, it is a substantial list that I’m sure he will post here shortly. I chuckled when I saw it because it pretty much entails the whole yellow pages. But that is where the business comes from, just about every business out there in one way or another can benefit from our service ,whether professionally or personally. So how do we get them to know we are here? Easy, get off your butt and dont wait for them to come to us, go to them. Cold call, flyers or postcards, phone calls, whatever it takes to get your name out there besides waiting for the weekend carshow or whatever. I was in direct outside sales at one time and was trainer. My people would ask “who do we try to sell to” the answer was “everyone”. Never judge a person by the way they looked. The guy in the expensive business suit that you would think had a ton of money, may not have any because he is mortgaged to the hilt in a big expensive house with the 2 Mercedes payments and a wife and 3 kids and the old farmer dude in the worn out overalls who you think is broke probably has 6k cash in his pocket right now.The farmer dude is the one who will walk into the car dealer and pay cash for 2 cars. Sales were all based off a percentage of people talked to, so talk to everyone. It goes the same in this business, the more people you talk eventually the more business you will get. but you have to be persistant and keep talking every day, every week, every month. I keep a box of postcards in my truck. everywhere I go I leave some, every customer of mine leaves with about 10 cards to pass to friends or whomever. I could go on and on , but lets hear from some other members their ideas on getting their name out and the business in to help some of our noobies and some of not so noobies. I have only touched a few of many ideas out there to generate sales.

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