Adhesion Test – Epoxy cure time?

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    I am conduction a adhesion test on a Mustang fender which I stripped to bare metal using 80 grit with a DA sander 6 months ago. At that time I treated the fender and entire car with After Blast for storage. I am now ready to apply Eastwood Epoxy Low-VOC DTM primer to the fender for an adhesion test as I have read on some threads never apply epoxy primer to metal treated with After Blast – further stating; the After Blast must first be stripped back to bare metal due to adhesion problems reported. With this in mind, I am conducting this test on my fender and I need to know when does Epoxy primer Fully cure before I start scrapping, prodding and tape testing the adhesion. I am testing two areas; the 6 month old After Blast area as is and another area that I re-wiped (freshened up) a day ago with After Blast.

    Please let me know – thank you for any help you can offer.

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