Acetone and MEK reaction to powder: everyone please read this!

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    Seems like conflicting information on here lately with everyone’s results with thinners, MEK, acetone, etc. reacting with powdercoated finishes. Most opinions are that the problems are related to undercuring and such, but I would everyone to please read this page from Rohm and Haas website, especially this part:

    “Coating type, of course, strongly influences the results obtained on the test. A standard epoxy powder coating will show little or no effect after 50 double rubs with MEK, whereas, on a standard polyester urethane, softening and slight rub off is normal, even though the coating is fully cured. Accurately judging the degree to cure for either coating without knowing the MEK resistance of the fully cured film is not possible.”

    Here is a link to the full page:

    I think this will hopefully shed some light on why some are experiencing intercoat problems when using acetone or MEK

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