? about 2k aerospray and painting/masking wheels

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    Was posted in “kevins corner”… forum was logging me out before if I went to the ‘ask eastwood. seems to work now. Hope I can get a few responses here.

    here is what I am doing (pic attached):
    I have some 5-spoke Camaro ZL1 wheels (2) are 20×10 and (2) 20×11 – that I want to paint (mostly).
    The Polished areas of the wheel have a high gloss powder acrylic, and I would like to keep it that way. Soooo, I will need to mask those areas. I want to use the new 2k aero paint (black) on the rest:

    Q1- Will the 2k aero stick well to the acrylic powder?
    Q2- How many cans of 2k aero will I need to paint the front and the brake side (not the tire side) of all 4 wheels?
    Q3- Should I “roll” the tape edges at the corner radii? I don’t want to have a big paint edge from the paint, but want a clean paint line.
    Q4- What kind of tape works best for that?
    Q5- What are the differences between the sheen levels of the 2k aero paints? Seems like there are multiple non- hi-gloss options…. listed with slightly different wording and which would work best for my wheels?
    Q6- what is the best thing to use to SCUFF my powder coat?

    Thanks in advance!

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