A painfull weekend

Posted: October 18, 2005 By: CARS

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    Just thought I’d drop a reminder to everyone working on their projects to wear saftey glasses at all times. I do but…

    Last Wed. night my eyes started to get irritated and red so I flushed them out with the wifes contact solution. When I woke up Thursday they were even redder and by the afternoon I couldn’t even go outside. The sun was just too brite so I went to the doctor to have them take a look. They used dye and a black light to see if there was anything in there and they found a couple little black pieces. Getting the pieces out was painfull enough (they had to be “pulled” out because my eye was already trying to heal itself) but the doctor pointed out that before the pieces finally found a place to imbed themselves they slid around and scratched the hell out of my eyeball.
    The doc gave me some antibacterial drops that I have to use twice a day to help my eye to heal and prevent infections, my vision was blurry for a couple days and today was the first day I could stand the sun’s brightness enough to drive myself to the shop. So I haven’t worked in 3 work days plus I was planning on getting ahead last weekend, I figure my little pieces of whatever cost me over a grand in lost shop income plus whatever my medical costs are.

    Well I better get to work. I just thought I would put my story in your heads next time you grab that blow gun, grinder, sander, whatever…. get those glasses and goggles on!!!

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