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Posted: February 12, 2006 By: shaggy

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    Well i was sent to this site by chuck from pa custom coatings he was helping me out then shut down so now i am looking for more tips I was told there were a good bit of guys here that are more than willing to help… Chuck spoke highly of eastwoods products and the members of this site. i seen his work and it is some good work. now his place is locked up and i am not sure what to tell from it …

    For yens that Know him.. I want to let you know this.. He kind of tossed everything away. There has been a lost and when a child is part of it you kind of lose all sense and direction.. His soon to be wife lost there child and he tryed to get around it but the problem got bigger they did call off the wedding and i know there is more to the story than i can tell

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