A few questions about the soda blaster and sand blaster

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    Well I bought a east wood soda blaster a few months ago and I was so impressed with it I bought a eastwood sand blaster recently. Well I have a 33 gal Sears air compressor that spins at 5.9CFM @ 90 PSI and it seems to work great with the soda blaster. I have a few questions about the soda blaster first. It seems that it is not constant soda that comes out of the blaster even with a full tank of air? Sometimes I have to open and close the air valve that leads out the dead mans valve to get a constant amount of soda that last for a few moments sometimes.

    The next problem is the sand blaster. I also connected that and used it for the first time and it seems that I can not shut off the media control valve for some reason. It seems like I can not control the air, cause there is low air coming out and alot of AO coming out. It just kinda falls on what ever I am trying to blast. What could be the reason for this? It is AO 70 Grit

    Thanks for any help

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