a couple of questions about an oven and other stuff

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    Hiya Gang, I have been here before but lost my old user name and password but no problem, anyways im back. My Questions are repeats and i apologize for that but since then my computer crashed and burned and lost all the information, so I will say thank you for any and all suggestions and help.
    #1 I have access to a vast amount of Ceramic wool AKA Cerwool, will this work for insulating the oven i want to build, pros and cons if any?
    #2 to make a small oven for a starter oven just for very small projects will the inners from a 110volt hot plate work in an oven 12″wide 12″ high by 24 “deep ID? pros and cons?
    #3 just as a starter what would be your thoughts on one of those PC gun kits from Harbor frieght, I dont really care for the electronic stuff they sell but just to get into it and do some experimenting with it until i figure out what the heck im doing, do you think it would do ok or should i look into other kits?, I will undoubtely have more qestions later on but for now these will do, Thanks again

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